The next few months are going to get hotter than ever. There’s just no escaping summertime so you might as well learn to deal with it better. Here are five gadgets that will help you beat the heat and survive summertime.
Air conditioner
Voltas 155 CY 12 Ton 5 Star Split AC
There’s nothing like an air conditioner to cool you and your room instantly. These days an air conditioner has become a necessity, so you might as well make a good investment out of it. This split AC comes with a 5-star energy saving rating that helps you save a few bucks on the bill so that you don’t have to sweat it out.
Air Cooler
Symphony Diet 50i 50 Litres Air Cooler
An air cooler is the next best thing when you can’t afford an air conditioner. Air coolers are capable of airing the room just about enough to keep you refreshed and cool. They are also portable so you can drag it to whatever room you move to. Also Read: All You Need To Know Before You Buy an Air Cooler
Ice Cream Maker
Orbit Gelato 1 L Ice Cream Maker
There’s nothing like a scoop of cold ice cream on a hot summer day. Get your own ice cream maker to experiment with summer flavours like mango, papayas and peach. This ice cream maker is compact and can be placed in the smallest corners of your kitchen.
Russell Hobbs RJE400E 400 W Juicer Extractor
Sipping on juices in summer is a healthy and delicious way to keep your body hydrated. A mix of veggies and fruit juices are a good source of nourishment and will pack you up with energy to face the heat when you step out. Also Read: Juicers to Keep You Healthy and Hydrated All Summer
Wine Cooler
Siemens KF18WA40IE 149L Built-In Wine Cooler
Juices are a great daytime drink but you’ll need something cooler and more mellow to destress you on a hot summer eve; like a glass of chilled wine. Have a wine cooler at home so that you and your guests can have a cool evening.

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