New year’s night is the last time we’ll be making bad decisions in 2016 and no one will want to hold back. So, bring on those shot! This is the last time we’ll get drunk this year and wake up with a hangover next year. And when that happens, you’ll definitely want these handy gadgets around to bust those blues.

Coffee maker

coffee maker


Science may not be a big fan of caffeine as a cure for hangovers, but deep down in that throbbing head of ours, there nothing we’d crave for as much as a big cuppa joe or a double espresso shot. Having this coffee maker around will save you the trouble of scouting for the closest Starbucks.


Morphy Richards AT-401 Pop Up Toaster


Talking about hangover food, there’s nothing that beats eggs and freshly toasted bread for breakfast or brunch. Hangover veterans believe that the carbon in the toast, or more like a burnt toast acts as a filter in the body. Plus, toast is a bland carb that will raise low blood sugar and curb that nauseating feeling.


Usha 3210 0.8 Litre Electric Kettle


Tea has also known to have a soothing effect when struck with a hangover. Use a kettle to quickly brew some herbal tea like ginger or peppermint that can relieve you of that nauseating feeling and also ease an upset stomach.


Philips Viva Collection HR186300 2L 700W Juicer Rs 6994


Freshly squeezed juices are rich in nutrients and fructose that gives the body some instant energy to recover. It’s also a tastier way to hydrate your body instead of chugging down water.

Gaming console

Sony PS4 Ultimate Edition Console


This might seem as an odd thing to want when dealing with a hangover but it can be just as effective as the rest. When your body is hungover, it needs to get a little energised to get back to normalcy. You need to do something that will increase your heart rate and circulation which in turn will fire up your metabolism and detoxify your body. Engaging yourself with an energy-packed game on your console will help revive you in so many ways. This seems like a good way to start the New Year, doesn’t it!



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