It’s only January and we’re already facing our first Friday the 13th! Instead of freaking out and going bat shit crazy over Twitter about the unforeseen horrors that are to come by the end of this week, how about you spend the night embracing the darkness with a movie marathon. Line up those Jason Voorhees slasher films and make the most of Friday the 13th. Here are all the gadgets you’ll need for your movie night.
The perfect TV
Sony Bravia KD-55X8500D 139cm 4K Ultra HD LED TV
Get the latest high-tech quality picture with a 4K Ultra HD LED TV. Put your fears aside and watch the Friday the 13th series on the TV that delivers lifelike pictures with precise details. With this TV you won’t miss a single slasher moment.
The sound system
Philips HTD5520/94 Home Theatre
Increase the treble in this home theatre system that will really turn up those shrivelled screams. Can you picture a better way to enjoy a horror film? This home theatre will intensify all the sound effects in the movie and give you a one-of-a-kind experience.
The projector
Portronics Pico POR 318 Projector
If a 55 inch TV isn’t enough, hook up this projector for a bigger screen in your room. This projector comes with inbuilt speakers too in case you don’t have a home theatre. Invite some friends over and enjoy this slasher movie marathon. Way to kick start 2017 right!
The VR headset
AuraVR AuraVRAce-01 VR Headset
Want to keep it low-key and have a solo movie marathon for Friday the 13th? Stash up the movie series in your smartphone and connect it to this virtual reality gear for an advanced viewing experience. This set comes with a distance and lens adjuster that Is best suited for your eyes and face.
The wireless headphone
Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Whether you’re watching the movie on your TV, projector or VR, you will need a good pair of wireless headphones if you’ve got to keep your neighbours or flatmates from waking up. Turn up the sound to scare the bejesus out of you, no one will complain.

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