Without a doubt, gadgets have shaped nearly all aspects of the way we live and work. We’re constantly relying on technology to get us through the most basic tasks of the day. The women that make Tata CLiQ tick are super women because of many things, including their most reliant sidekicks - super gadgets. We spoke to a few of our colleagues about their go-to gadgets, and these were the top picks that power their lives. Also Read: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Suharika Karri, Category Marketing Manager, Electronics

Her Pick: Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB Black 4 GB RAM Dual SIM 4G
If I was left on a deserted island and was allowed to pick one thing to take with me, I’d choose my smartphone. Not only because I’d need it to call for help, but because I literally cannot survive getting through life without it, even on a regular day. From waking me up on time, managing my meetings and emails, setting reminders and news alerts, sorting out my transport to keeping me entertained, there’s never a dull moment with my smartphone at hand. It is a single solution to all my needs.

Miloni Dutia, Deputy Brand Manager, Marketing

Her Pick: Philips Essential Care Air Styler

Philips air styler
Looking confidant is an important part of my day. And nothing boosts my confidence like having a good hair day. I rely on my Philips air styler to fix my hair every morning, no matter how stubborn my curls get. It’s by far the best styling tool I’ve used.

Rinku Israni, Category Manager, Small Home Appliances

Her Pick: LG Convection Microwave Oven

LG MC2886SFU 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Silver
Even a busy woman cannot escape her kitchen chores. But life gets a little simper with my everyday kitchen companion—the microwave. From re-heating food to barbequing, it makes cooking easy and hassle-free. It is also a great cooking appliance when you intend to eat healthier. I use the microwave’s Diet Fry option to prepare dishes like samosas with minimum oil. It’s a great way to indulge in food, minus the guilt.

Ayesha Singh, Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing

Her Pick: JBL Wireless Headphones

JBL T450BT Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Blue
We all live very busy lives, surrounded by constant chaos. I use my set of JBL headphones to take a break from it and slip into a few moments of isolation and comfort with my music. Tuning out allows me to kick back and indulge in some me time. I can’t even think of getting through the day without my headphones by my side.

Divya Chugh, Site Marketing Manager, Marketing

Her Pick: Ambrane 10000mAh Power Bank

Ambrane 10000 mAh P-1111 Power Bank Black
I might forget to carry my lip gloss but I never leave my house without a power bank. My job requires me to stay connected 24X7. I can’t stay plugged to a charging point all day, so I’ve found the Ambrane 10000mAh power bank to be my best solution. On a single charge, this gadget can juice up my phone at least twice through the day.

Kavisa Rebello Almeida, Site Merchandising Manager, Lifestyle

Her Pick: IFB Convection Microwave

IFB Rotisserie 30BRC2 30L Convection Microwave Oven Black
I am a strong and independent woman but I have to admit, I can’t do without my microwave. Heat, thaw, bake or melt, I use it for all my cooking. It is quick, time-efficient and less of a hassle because it doesn’t dirty as many dishes, in comparison to when you use the stove for heating or cooking.

Rizina Patrawala, Category Operations Manager, Electronics

Her Pick: JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Charge2 Bluetooth Speaker Black
I take “me time” very seriously. I enjoy binge watching TV shows and listening to music on my days off. But I strongly believe that if I’m going to indulge, might as well make it worth my time. That’s why I rely on my Bluetooth speaker by JBL. It has great sound quality, which makes for an immersive experience. It is also easy to carry around when traveling. Also Read: The 10 Colour Trends For Summer 2018 Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com