If you are fed up of a sweaty scalp and dry summer hair, the worst is yet to come. Monsoon might be a cooler season, but it brings with it a whole lot of humidity that goes straight to the hair. Ask a curly haired girl, and she’ll be able to tell you the rise in humidity by the dense cover of the frizz cap she now wears. Apart from the frizz, getting wet in the rain can leave the hair damaged by stripping away the outermost layer of the strands and making them brittle and dry. At this rate, you could easily lose around 200 strands if you allow your hair to stay damp. The easiest solution to this problem is to keep your hair dry at all times. While air drying might take longer to air out the wet mess, you could keep a hair dryer to dry out those strands quickly.

Get a professional hair dryer

Professional hair dryers like the Corioliss Ionic Hair Dryer or the Philips SalonDry Active are designed to not only dry your hair but give you that much-needed bounce. They both feature multiple speed and heat settings to match your needs. Since extra heat isn’t recommended on your hair when it's damp, you can use the blower on minimum heat and high speed to quickly dry out your hair. tumblr_lyn6g2k7Qi1r74ov0o1_500

Get a portable hair dryer

A professional hair dryer might be a good accessory to use at home, but it’s not the most portable gadget. When you travel to work, and put yourself through light drizzles and pouring rain twice a day, you could use a compact hair dryer that fits in your bag. The Philips Travel Hair Dryer has a foldable handle that makes it convenient to store in your handbag. It's equipped with ThermoProtect temperature setting that blow dries your hair quickly at a constant temperature to avoid hair damage. While a hair dryer might be your best buddy this season, keep away from hair straightening and styling gadgets as the heat from these devices can harm your monsoon hair. Image via gipy.com

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