Our house may look spick and span, but how safe is it really? Dust and allergies lurk around the cleanest looking spots, smog has become an everyday part of the air we breathe and the water was never too safe to begin with. How can we say that we live a healthy life when our health is compromised so often and that too in our own homes! Therefore, it has become more important now than ever that we live in a healthy environment. Here are 6 gadgets that will make sure you have a clean home.
Air Purifier
Philips AC407211 Air Purifier
India is plagued by air pollution and your home is not exempt from it either. All this pollution can cause many respiratory diseases. That’s why there has been a lot of talk of air purifier being the immediate solution to it. Air purifiers can capture 85 to 99 per cent of the particles in the air. It also has filters that keep away allergen and impurities that cause breathing problems.
Vacuum Cleaner
Black & Decker AV1205 Auto DustBuster Vacuum Cleaner
While the air purifier can filter out the air that circulates in the house, there’s also that dust and dirt that heaps up in every nook and corner that must be taken care of. A vacuum cleaner does much more than what you can achieve with a wiping cloth. It’s also quite convenient to use. Also Read: 5 Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Every Kind of Home
Inverter Split AC
Voltas 183V IY 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC
Inverter ACs have been designed to be much more useful than regular ones. Apart from being energy saving gadgets, they also have specialised anti-dust and allergen filters that purify the air in the room. So, you can enjoy cool and fresh air every time. Also Read: How to Buy an Air Conditioner
Water Purifier
Tata Swach Viva Silver 6 L Water Purifier
It’s no brainer that in a country like India you can’t rely on tap water even in a posh-looking building. The water everywhere is polluted. You could go all your life boiling water to make sure it’s clean or you can just invest in a water purifier that will ensure the same with quicker results.
Amfah Secco 16 Dehumidifier
Humidity is a concern in many parts of India, including most metros. Excessive humidity causes dampness that encourages the growth of mildew, mould and dust mites that affect your health. Having a dehumidifier around eliminates this problem.
Window Cleaning Robot
Ecovacs Winbot 730 Window Cleaning Robot
Dirty window accumulates dust and allergens which eventually enter our homes. But cleaning windows can be a real pain. That’s why this window cleaning robot is the perfect home investment. If you’ve still not figured by the name, this is really a robot that cleans your windows for you. The device gets sucked on the window because of a certain magnetic system and then begins to clean it using spinning microfiber pads. Also Read: Live Like the Jetsons: 6 Gadgets That Will Turn Your Home into A Smart Home

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