The rains have come down particularly hard this week. And with it have come the sniffles, and other monsoon ills. But don't let the damp weather dampen your spirts too. The only way to beat this seasonal change is to power up from within; that means eating healthy and eating well.  Here’s our checklist of gadgets you need to own to keep you healthy all monsoon long.

A Soup maker for a wholesome flu-busting broth

Tefal BL8411IN Easy Soup Maker
Chicken soup is always good for the soul. Especially a soul with the sniffles. Make every kind, with this professional soup maker. It comes with five automatic functions to make several kinds of soups from creamed mushroom to chicken soup. It has a blend function that easily mixes ingredients in four minutes, and a separate mode to make compote too. Once your soup is ready, it keeps it warm for 40 minutes, so you don’t have to rush. Also Read: Rana Daggubati’s Personal Trainer Reveals the Incredible Secret Behind His Baahubali Physique

An electric kettle to make it chai time, all the time

Tefal Express KI 170 17 Litre Kettle
When you have a cold, there’s nothing like a hot cup of chai to revive you. Use this electric kettle to brew a batch of black tea, add a splash of milk, and you're good to go.

A juice extractor to pump in some natural nutrients

Tefal Easy Fruit 800W Juice Extractor
A dose of vitamin C can build up your immune system. Juice up some oranges, grapefruit and sweet limes to make a healthy juice to take care of that cold. You can also juice apples, bananas and greens (all packed with essential nutrients) - this appliance can juice whole fruits and veggies, without you having to chop or peel them. Also Read: This Juicer Is All You’ll Need to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C

An air purifier to filter out the dust

Tefal PU4015 Air Purifier
The air purifier becomes a handy gadget to have around at home when the air is damp, and possibly a carrier of diseases. This Tefal air purifier come with four levels of high-quality filtration to remove pollutants from your environment. It can purify up to 99.97 percent of pollution. Once you breathe healthy, you begin feel healthier even when its dusty, moist and gloomy outside.

A coffee maker for a shot of caffeine

Tefal APPRECIA CM110 6 Cup Coffee Maker
If the weather is getting you down, a shot of caffeine can do the trick. Enjoy the weather with some freshly brewed coffee in this Tefal coffee maker. It is lightweight, compact and is equipped with a permanent filter. It has a 6-cup capacity, which is enough to keep you up and going all day. Also Read: These Good-Looking Shoes Are Now On Sale Cover Image Courtesy: