As a part of the efforts to return to normal, people in many parts of the country have gradually started going to work. If you’re among them, then the importance of staying safe must be something you’re aware of. However, there’s no such thing as being too safe in the face of such adversity. Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated a list of gadgets that can help make your current office-going experience a lot safer and hygienic.  

Desk air purifier

Keeping an air purifier on your desk can ensure that any harmful particles in the air around you are filtered out. The right air purifier is a gadget that can also help you monitor air quality around you in real time.  

Personal power bank

One of the most shared facilities in an office environment is the power socket. Avoid using it by carrying your own power bank that can charge up your smartphone, and maybe even your laptop, with the right connectors.

Smartwatch with real time monitoring

Heart rate and body temperature are two important factors to determine if you’re unwell, even before you feel so yourself. Getting a smartwatch that monitors these two in real time can always keep you abreast of your own health.  

No contact thermometer

To ensure that you’re not meeting anyone who is unwell, you can use a no-contact thermometer to check their body temperature. This can be useful in situations like accepting a delivery, meeting clients in a closed room and more.  

Smartphones for contactless payments

This is not a recommendation for a gadget as much as it is for a feature. Almost everyone has a smartphone today, and a smartphone can use contactless payments in some form – using e-wallets, UPI, bank transfers etc. Make the most of them to avoid exchanging cash, and consequently harmful microorganisms, on your way and back.  
Image Courtesy: Canva