Smart technology has made its way into our living rooms and kitchen. It’s almost as if we live in The Jetsons-esque times. With innovative gadgets organized at just a click away, technology sure has made life simple. And this tech is now making its way to our bedroom too. Here’s a dream tour into the bedroom from the future with super cool bedroom gadgets
Smart Mattress Cover
mattress Here’s a mattress cover that can keep your bed warm, wake you up gently and sync your coffee maker to start brewing when it senses you’re getting out from bed. This gadget seems almost unreal, but it’s a thing alright! This Sleep Tracker has the capability to connect eight other smart devices in your home. So, while it works as a normal sleep tracker and thermostat adjuster to help you sleep better, it also connects to your phone, coffee maker etc. to make sure they’re ready for you in the morning. Check it out here  
Nightlight cum charging device
mushroom night lamp It functions as a cute mushroom night light for your side table but is secretly an 8000mAh power bank too. Apart from using it as a usual nightlamp/power bank, this gadget can be real handy in case the power goes off because it will still offer you its dual benefits if it’s well-charged. Check it out here
Light therapy lamp
light therapy lamp Our bodies are deprived of natural light which has a direct effect on our health which in turn messes with our sleep. This light therapy lamp can be left by your bedside before you head to bed as it can help recalibrate and stabilise your body by cuing its natural energy enhancer thus restoring your sleep, mood and energy balance. Check it out here Also Read: Here’s Your Sleepolution For the New Year
The cool pillow
cool pillow A comfortable pillow is key to a good night’s sleep. This GhostPillow gives you the right balance of support, comfort and uses its super kickass power to keep you cool. This pillow is made of a cooling aerated gel memory foam that instantly cools you out when you lay on it. Check it out here
Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector
smoke detector This is an amazing update to your old school industrial-designed smoke sensor. This one is wireless, it tells you if there’s smoke of CO in the air and also tells you where it’s coming from. It sends you alerts on your phone if there’s a problem and you aren’t at home. Check it out here
Mood lighting
philips hue The Philips Hue runs on a smart lighting concept. It’s run through an app on your smartphone where you can create and control the lights. This gives you endless possibilities to get creative and personalise your lighting to suit your mood. For instance, you can recreate the quality of light from any photo on your smartphone by using the dropper tool to pick the palette. You can also configure the lighting to set on and off at whatever time you want. This is quite the mood enhancer you could use in your bedroom. Check it out here