Las Vegas is known for a lot of things shiny, expensive and sinful. However, Future Faraday has somehow managed to congregate all of that into their upcoming EV from the future. It is called the FF 91 and it comes packed with tech that will baffle your mind. Oh, it also parks itself quite effortlessly thanks to the onboard wizardry comprising of 10 front and rear facing cameras, 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and one high definition 3D LIDAR setup. Drool! To show off the FF 91’s auto parking skills, the company left one loose in the parking area where the event was held and voila! It did manage to find a perfect place to park. Now was it the work of an evil genius remotely controlling the car from his secret lair underneath the show zone, we’d never know. Hence, going by what we saw, this was a remarkable thing feat the FF 91 pulled off. What is better than exiting your vehicle, as you grin at the valet and walk away as your FF 91 parks itself while you check your stocks in the elevator? Future Faraday Yet parking itself is not the only thing the FF 91 is good at. Because underneath that exotic exterior is an electric propulsion system punchy enough to generate a sense-tingling 1050hp! Needless to say, the car’s acceleration capability was shown off too and it managed to bolt from 0 -60mph in a shocking 2.39 seconds. Future Faraday ensures that charging the FF 91 won’t be an issue either. The open charging system will allow owners to charge from any standard using either 110 or 240 volt AC at-home chargers. A 200 kilowatt DC quick-charging capability is in the works too along with support for wireless charging in the not too far off future. Talking of road, the FF 91 promises an overall range of 378 miles thanks to humongously dense battery cells on the inside. Using the FF ID system, the car will automatically know who its owner is via facial recognition and unlock the door. Step inside and each of the passenger will now be given personal attention by the car as it learns more about them and makes changes to the interior to make them feel more comfortable. Oh, and there will be Wi-Fi hotspots inside too, we know you’d ask about that. Also Read: Meet George Hotz, The Upstart Who’s Going Up Against Tesla, Google, Apple, Et Al Cover Image via; Image via