In what turned out to be a packed event, held in Mumbai, Microsoft’s Future Decoded was thoroughly enlightening. Here, Microsoft showcased its cloud and mobile technologies that are driving digital transformation across large, medium and small enterprises and across government departments in India. With the huge local interest and the active participation of local players such as Tata Motors, Flipkart, State Bank of India and more. The event has its share of politics too, however it was all good as instead of rallying for votes, the ministers enlightened the crowd with their plans to empower the poorest with the latest in digital tech. On stage were Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and Andhra Pradesh, Mr Chandrababu Naidu. Another highlight of the two-day event was the C-Cube concept car developed by Tata Motors. The concept was especially showcased as part of the 'Product Transformation' theme at the event. tata motors Day 1 of the event saw leading Microsoft tech personalities and evangelists taking stage. The breakout sessions helped showgoers and the press alike in understanding the little details of the company’s grand plans for India. It was a great day, especially if you are an app developer. While Day 1 took care of the tech bit, Day 2 was all business.

Power to the people

1 The idea to empower individuals from villages is something Microsoft wants to get going with help from the local government and this is what gave birth to Project Sangam. Think of it as a blended learning platform that brings together Microsoft’s cloud technologies and LinkedIn’s job search capabilities. Project Sangam is aimed at creating a lifelong skilling platform for Indian workers and it was unveiled by none other that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself. Project Sangam will allow users to register using their Aadhaar identity ensuring lifelong access to the platform. Also Read: Tech Highlights from the Union Budget 2017-2018 What makes the platform so interesting is that it plans to hand the power of digital tech to the remotest corners of the country. It wants to do this by connecting the skills learning programs directly with relevant jobs, by leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s extensive job search platform.

Skype goes Lite

5 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, also announced a new offering for mobile-first and mobile-only markets – Skype Lite. The app is perfect for a country like ours wherein data bandwidth has always been a huge issue. Skype Lite lets users to communicate and collaborate over low-bandwidth networks. The app will be available in seven local languages: Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Microsoft has also promised to bring Aadhaar integration to the app by June 2017.

What's up?

3 Think of an app that has been successfully tested by the Government of Andhra Pradesh at a 12-day mega event involving 20 million people. Think Kaizala, which is a productivity app that helps organizations connect with mobile only users to get work done on a simple and secure chat interface. Cover Image via; Images via,,,