Weekends call for some fun activities, especially with your family. Starting off Netflix and binging on shows together, doesn’t really help in bonding with each other. Quality family time is when you interact and have loads of fun doing activities that involves everyone. And it’s even better when its nothing to do with an app or website. From camping at home with mid night star gazing to building a mighty Lego city, we bring to you creative ideas that are undeniably worth doing and guarantee tons of entertainment. We bet you’ll want to try out each of these in the coming days.

Camp in

Get ready to give your family an amazing camping experience. Start off by pitching a tent in your home, prepare delicious barbeque/grilled food and get your camping started. Deck your camping spot with lanterns and string lights for a magical camp that your kids would love. Bundle up together in the tent and get things interesting with games, scary stories and loads of laughter.

Dumb Charades

Whenever your kids feel bored or you feel stressed, there is always dumb charades to cheer you up. First, divide yourselves into two or more teams, depending on the members in the family. You can give Bollywood or Hollywood movies to be enacted. You can also have a round of famous books or songs that can be given to the other team. Dumb charades work great if your team knows a little bit of acting, and works even better if they don’t, because then you’ll will be bursting into fits of laughter and enjoy thoroughly.

Karaoke night

Bring out all the hidden talents in your family with a karaoke night. Set up a talent show with all the members participating and singing their favourite songs. Want to add some extra dose of fun? Pick out random songs and make everyone sing to songs they do not now well. With off tunes and missed lyrics, your family activity surely be a laughing riot.

Set an indoor picnic

If your family has been missing going out for picnics, you can bring the picnic set up at home instead. Put together yummy sandwiches, juices, cookies and more, get everyone dressed in their favourite summer outfits and get ready to have some fun. You can set up your picnic spot in your home or in an open space like a balcony, a terrace or a backyard. Bond with your kids over board games or some family singing time.

Film a cooking show

Nothing like bringing your whole family together for an entertaining cooking session. What’s better is when you film the whole thing and act like you are on a cooking show. All you need to do is finalize on a recipe, it could something simple like lemonade or easy cookies. Come up with the name of your cooking show, use a smartphone to capture all the fun and get started. One of you’ll can be the host, get everyone involved in the cooking process and you’ll see how much you’ll will enjoying because of the conversations and goof ups.

Go Bowling

Love bowling? Turn it into a family indoor sport. All you need to do is make a makeshift bowling alley. Place bottles or cans and use a semi-heavy ball to bowl. This could be a fun session where the entire family can practise their skills and keep score to check who is winning.

Image courtesy - Shutterstock.com