Have you ever bought fruits from the market and wondered where they came from? Well, instead of picking fruits from your local grocer, why not go directly to the source? It's a great way to understand the value of trees and learn how fruits are grown in the process as well. And the best part is, you can do it all in India. Go pick fruits like lychees, cashews and plums - we’ve listed the places where you can take go with your friends and family, for fun, flavoursome adventures. Ready? Here goes.  

Pick Grapes in Nasik

01 grapes nasik

Nasik and its surrounding areas, such as Satara, Beed and Latur, have turned into major grape-producing areas in the past few years, especially after Sula made Nasik its home base. Now, you can go grape-picking in Sula’s vineyards and then relax over a wine-paired dinner during a weekend break. Plan your vacation between: January - May  

Pick Plums in Amritsar

02 plums amritsar

You can enjoy a taste of the indigenous aloo-bukhara Amritsari – a sweeter and more nutritious variant of the original plum fruit. If that doesn’t suit your palate, you can take your pick from Japanese and Indonesian plums too. Plan your vacation between: June - July  

Pick Pineapples in Manipur

03 pineapples manipur

It would be a shame to travel all the way to Manipur and miss tasting its famous pineapples. The two varieties grown here are called Kew and Queen, and we recommend the latter for fruit-picking purposes. Plan your vacation between: August - October  

Pick Cashews and Kokum in Goa

04 cashews goa

Feni, Goa’s most famous export, is made from cashews. This gives you the perfect excuse to visit Goa so that you can understand how the fruit is grown, roasted and made into feni, among other things. At various cashew farms, you can get an insight into how the fruit is grown and later visit a cashew processing factory to learn about the next step of the process. If that doesn’t catch your fancy, hang around and pick kokum fruits in the region. Plan your vacation between: March - May  

Pick Oranges in Punjab or Nagpur

05 oranges punjab

If you’re looking for a zesty way to begin a cold day, pack your bags and head to Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Chilly mornings are are a great time to explore the local farms. If you don't like cold weather, head to India's orange capital, Nagpur, to get your citrus fix. Plan your vacation between: October - February  

Pick Pears in Himachal Pradesh

06 pears himachal

Some of the best pears come from Himachal Pradesh, but also try looking for farms in neighbouring Punjab. Plan your vacation between: June - September  

Pick Strawberries in Mahabaleshwar

07 strawberries mahabaleshwar

This hill station near Mumbai is India’s strawberry capital. Look out for fun events like the strawberry festival, typically held around Valentine Day, where you can feast on unique dishes like strawberry bhel puri and strawberry chocolate pizza. On the other hand, if you feel Mahabaleshwar is too commercialised, then head to Meghalaya, where their strawberry festival is hosted around the same time. Plan your vacation between: February - March  

Pick Chikoos in Dahanu

08 chikoos dahanu

A mere three hour drive from Mumbai, Dahanu is literally covered in chikoo fruits. You can also learn about harvesting plants and beekeeping and organic composting techniques at some of the farms in the region. Plan your vacation between: December - March.  

Pick Lychees in Saharanpur

09 lychees saharanpur

Did you know India is second only to China in terms of lychee production in the world? Where do so many lychees grow, you ask? In places like Muzaffarpur and Saharanpur. These are prime lychee-producing areas that almost nobody has heard of. If you think these places are too far to get to, try going to Dehradun to try the lychees in the area. Plan your vacation between: May - June


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