When it comes to workwear, Friday dressing isn’t really rocket science. While there’s a very thin line between casual and party attire, Friday dressing is all about a carefully curated mix of chic and chill, professional and yet, laid back. Transform these dresses to minimise the headache of lugging an extra bag with a complete outfit change. Just a few key accessories and the right pair of heels is all you need to go from desk to drinks.


Keep It Concealed with Cut Outs

Cut outs may seem a little racy for your workplace but perfect for the party you’re planning to go tonight. These peek-a-boos, if placed strategically can easily be covered with a blazer and give a subliminal message that you’re confident yet mysterious.


Keep It Casual with a Shift

Crisp and sharp, shift dresses can take you from business meetings to evening cocktails. This classic is not only playful but also really refined and lady-like in a not-trying-so-hard kind of way. A few pieces of statement jewellery is all you need to add a little casual to your corporate dress.


Keep it Casual with Prints

From new-agey and botanical prints to dreamy vintage ones, prints have always been in trend. Instead of going for the usual florals, go for big prints on work appropriate silhouettes. Just carry a pair of colourful heels and a matching clutch and you’re ready to party!


Keep it Comfy with a Shirtdress

Apart from the fact that they are really comfortable and seem casual, shirt dresses are also extremely versatile. Wear oxfords in the day and trade them for heels a night to watch it transform completely from corporate to nonchalant.


Keep it Chic with a LBD

How can any list that’s about dresses be complete without our best friend, the Little Black Dress? Paired with the right accessories and make-up, it can be worn to either tone down or amp up the ultimate day-to-night ensemble.


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