For me, fashion is a way of life – something that is urban, chic and reflects my lifestyle. I’ve picked 3 fabulous, fresh looks from Nuon by Westside, and they’re a few of my favorite styles for the season.

The Polka Dot Dress

A polka dotted chic cotton dress is apt for all seasons and I pull them off for various occasions. I have layered this look with a dual-tone short denim jacket – I think it completes the look – and is suitable for both casual evenings as well as a day outing with friends.

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The Shimmering Jumpsuit

This jump suit in shimmering silver is for the party animal in me. It makes for a dazzling evening, for both a formal dinner as well as when I want to hit the club. I have layered this with this furry white shrug lined with beads that lend an attractive contrast to the look. I love this for an all-day shopping trip to the malls as well as for those evenings that are spent on the dance floor.

The Floral Maxi Dress

This gorgeous long floral gown is ideal for an afternoon out, or spending a day with friends. It’s extremely classy, yet comfortable and something I just slip into for those laid back days when all you want to do is relax or spend time with loved ones. Like this article? Also read: These Printed Jackets Are Perfect For Layering Your Winter Outfits

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