My personal style is a perfect blend of chic and bold. At the same time, I feel it’s necessary to be comfortable in whatever I wear. That’s what I had in mind while selecting these two outfits from Wardrobe by Westside’s #FreshFriday drop (FYI, the brand introduces new styles every Friday).

Versatile Separates

The first outfit I picked is this smart pink checked top with culottes trousers. They are so versatile and an all-season must-have. Both pieces can be mixed and matched, dressed up or dressed down. I could wear this to a meeting and just as easily, I could wear it for a day out with friends. Considering that an accessory can either make or break your outfit – I have used few. I have simply accessorised this look using a pair of statement earrings and a pop colour bag. Liked the article? Also Read: #FreshFashion: Shabhnam Fatima Shows Us How to Wear These Bombay Paisley Dresses

Everyday Dress

The second outfit I chose is the navy printed ‘Hailey’ dress. The dress speaks for itself, and requires minimum accessories. I just threw on a layered chain to glam it up as layered chains look very chic when worn with a V-neck. Since the outfit had slight shades of red in it m, I went in for red lips, a red sling and red shoes. It’s a perfect summer dress – and when the climate gets cooler, as it will over the next few months – it can be styled with a jacket. Both these looks are classics and can become those essential pieces fashion magazines are always advising us to build our wardrobes on. Liked this article? Also read: #FreshFriday: Samidha Singh's Going Crazy for Polka Dot Kurtas

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