Let’s face it – memes are the language of the future. In 3017, when anthropologists and language experts dig into our digital past, they’ll discover a treasure trove of captioned images and videos highlighting every aspect of the human condition from these modern times of ours. There’s a meme for everything, ranging from the serious to the obscure and (often) hilarious. So, we decided to do our part to educate future generations by adding to the global meme economy.

We’ve taken scenes from some of our favourite films of the last few decades and meme-ified them, so that we can present an accurate record of what life was  life was like in 2017. These are our favourite rain memes.

05 tip tip barsa paani movie rain memes

02 noah movie rain memes

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03 tum mile movie rain memes

04 day after tomorrow movie rain memes

01 titanic movie rain memes

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06 katrina kaif movie rain memes img

07 noah movie rain memes

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