In a humid, hot and mostly coastal city like India, frizz is to hair like Trump is to America, you just have to deal with it. Or maybe not, we’re not that hopeless yet. All you need is a few minutes on hand with one of these gadgets to beat the frizz and sway those long locks like you’re in a shampoo commercial. Whether you like it straight or curly, these few hair grooming gadgets should work out your frizz woes.

For straight hair minus the frizz

Philips KeraShine HP864610 Hair Straightener Dryer
Having wavy hair, or somewhat straight hair or even completely straight hair isn’t good enough because there’s no beating the frizz once you step out. To calm those unruly springs of hair, you need a gadget that will heat and flatten them till your next wash. A good hair straightener can be super handy when you want a quick solution to a straight, elegant and natural weave.

For curly hair minus the frizz

If you like your hair in curls, scrunching them is one option. But if you’ve gone this way before, you know there’s no escaping the frizz once your hair dries up. Instead, you can use this air styler that comes with a color care photo aluminum plated styling brush iron and regulated heating patterns that leaves you with a curly and voluminous look minus the frizz. Also Read: 8 Grooming Gadgets for The Woman Too Busy to Make It to The Salon

Comb out that frizz

Philips Kerashine Essential Care HP865900 Air Styler
Handling a straightening iron while you use a comb to detangle your hair can be tedious. Instead, this paddle straightening brush does both the jobs for you with one stroke. Comb through your hair with this Keratin infused brush that leaves you with smooth and tangle-free locks.

One gadget, several styles + no frizz

Panasonic EH-KA42 Hair Styler
Heat is a great solution to beat frizz. With this multipurpose styler you can use it to not only blow and straighten your hair but also use the different nozzles to style your hair in different ways. PS: Don't forget to use a heat protection product on your hair before you use these styling gadgets. This should keep your hair safe from the heat.

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