In accordance with its principle of Make Time For Good, Fossil has launched its Solar Watch in India. The campaign focusses on having a positive impact on the planet, starting by making Fossil’s own products and production ecofriendly. The features of the Solar Watch are a testament to that commitment.

The Solar Watch

The first step towards making the design of the Solar Watch ecofriendly comes with the five straps that the Solar Watch ships with. Together, they are made of approximately 16 plastic bottles, thus encouraging an approach to recycle.

How does it work?

The design of the Solar Watch features a solar panel at the outer ring which captures the sunlight and passes it to a solar cell under the dial. This cell converts this light into energy and stores it in a rechargeable battery. In fact, the Solar Watch can also convert light from sources like a fluorescent lamp as well.

Solar Watch Specifications

The Solar Watch comes with 5ATM water resistance, which means it can withstand water pressure up to 50 metre under water. There are five variants to the straps - Blue, Gray, Yellow, Orange and Pink. The straps close with a velcro closure, so it will be easy to put the watch on and take it off. The strap is 22mm wide and has an inner circumference on 200 +/- 5mm.

Battery capacity

Approximately five hours of solar exposure in full sunlight can charge the battery from zero to full capacity. However, once charged fully, it can be expected to run for about four months of usage. When there’s about a day’s worth of charge left, the second hand starts moving at two-second intervals instead of one second. At that point, it’s time to put the Solar Watch under the sun again.

How sustainable is this?

While the Solar Watch does have an impact on reducing plastic, it is not a 100% sustainable design. However, It is a big step in the right direction. The Solar Watch is also fully vegan, which means that no animal byproducts have been used to make it. The case of the Solar Watch is designed with a partially bio-based plastic developed from castor oil, and the packaging is entirely made from recyclable paper.

Solar Watch Price for Men's And Women's Watches

The new Solar Watch features two types of dials, one each for Men and Women variants. The men's dial measures 42mm while the women's variant has a dial measure of 34mm. There are no other differences among the two. Both variants are priced at ₹9995 on Fossil's website. To explore more Fossil Watches, click here.

Fossil’s commitment

The Make Time For Good campaign involves a lot of initiatives. On the environmental front, Fossil has committed to make all its products meet certain ‘pro-planet’ criteria by 2025. These criteria dictate that at least one material used in the product should be sustainable, and its packaging should be entirely sustainable. Other steps include:

  • Reduce water consumption for leather tanning by 45% by 2025.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.
  • Eliminate virgin plastics in supply chain by 2030.

They also have specific commitments towards leather use, by sourcing 90% of their leather from tanneries that follow sustainable practices, as well as using eco-friendly leather variants.

Image Courtesy: Fossil

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