It’s that time again. Thalaivar-mania has kicked into overdrive as Rajinikanth’s latest film, Kabali, hits screens today. This mania produces interesting side effects: productivity levels, for example, are so low on the day of a Thalaivar release that some companies in Bengaluru and Chennai have decided to declare the day a holiday! While that’s great – for fans and Rajni’s box office earnings - don’t you wish you could get a holiday on days when things go so wrong that you just know you’ll be a liability around the office? Here are a few other times we wish the HR team would be more compassionate and give us the day off:  

When the office canteen plans to serve karela


When you see yet another friend making a ‘We’re engaged’ announcement on Facebook


Whenever Salman Khan gives cause for massive outrage


The day before payday

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Whenever your parents tell you about Sharmaji ka beta’s achievements


When the office lift has broken down


When cab services’ surge pricing goes above 2.0x


When you can’t get hot water in the morning


When you sink into an existential crisis after breakfast


On a National/State voting day. Not that it’s a big deal…


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