Always a fun occasion, Raksha Bandhan gives us all a lot of reasons to await it each year. This time, as our celebrations are going to be an intimate family affair, a fun gifting session can definitely make it a lot more exciting. If you are still hunting for the perfect gift for your sibling, we have a helpful gift guide coming up for you. We spoke to Food Blogger Foram Pandya about her Raksha Bandhan memories and her gift wish list for the ocassion. She had some really nice ones shortlisted already, check them out ahead.

What makes Raksha Bandhan special for you?

Growing up, myself and my brother were famous in our entire extended family for constantly fighting and bickering. Truth of the matter is, we also couldn't live without each other. As annoying as we are to each other all year, on Raksha Bandhan, he still makes sure to get me a thoughtful gift, and I never fail to bring him his favourite sweets. That just sums up my relationship with my brother and this occasion.

What would be your dream outfit for Raksha Bandhan this year?

This floral maxi dress is my outfit for Raksha Bandhan. It's a fusion of a desi anarkali dress and an evening gown. Also, I absolutely love the freshness of the floral print. Makes it perfect for the occasion.

What are the top three gifts you’d like to receive from your brother?

Being a digital creator, most of my days involves filming. This mobile holder with a light ring will legit make my life easier.

Always wanted a cast iron casserole for my cooking, especially because it is chemical free. This one here looks like a good fit in my kitchen.

I'm a sucker for home decor and comforters are my weakness. This fluffy soft comforter is on my wishlist too.

What are the top three gifts you’d like to gift your brother?

A smart watch is top on my list, so he can wear a watch and a fitness band, all in one.

A neat pair of casual loafers, because he either has formal shoes or sneakers, this can be his balance.

A pair of Raybans is another good option. Who doesn't need a good pair of sunnies? Plus may be with this, he will stop complaining that I don't get him enough gifts!