If you’re a tech lover and are on Instagram, you probably follow some of the major tech websites  to stay on top of industry news. But there are so many techies out there who are worth following as well. From attending the major tech conventions to keeping track of the latest in tech as quickly as it reaches the mainstream media, these guys are right up there in the list of people you ought to follow. So open your Instagram app and start following these awesome techie Instagram accounts.   Rene Ritchie is an Apple analyst, tech critic and voices his opinions with his Instagram pictures. He also happens to be the Editor in Chief of iMore and Executive Editor of Mobile Nations so you can reply on this tech expert on all things Apple.  

Video: Issues with the UI on the LeEco Le Max Smartphone. Unable to make any changes in the settings.

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Amit Bhawani is the Editor in Chief of Phoneradar.com and keeps his followers updated with some neat hands-on previews and cool pictures of newly launched phones and accessories.   Nimish Dubey loves to write on technology, literature and sports. His love for photography is evident with his beautiful Instagram pics where he posts all about the books he likes and tech he likes to try out. Follow Nimish for some cool shots of his gadgets with some nice literary quotes you’d love to share.  

PS4 surgery.

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Meet Austin Evans. You can see how enthusiastic he is about technology with every single picture that is infectious and will have you go in fanboy mode with ease. He doesn’t focus on the latest gear that’s available but even retro gadgets that’ll serve a great helping of nostalgia.  

The Hyperloop (or part of it, anyway). #launchfestival

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Veronica has worked with some big names in technology including Engadget, Gizmodo and Discovery Digital among others. She has also hosted her fair share of tech shows and podcasts. Stay tuned with what’s new with Veronica right at the scene of launches and tech conventions.  

FS7 on the slider plus with the action and target modules! #testing @edelkrone

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Ash complements his kickass Youtube channel, C4ETech with stunning photos on his Instagram page that’ll keep you scrolling for more. He’s a hardcore tech geek and his photos and videos will inspire anyone to splurge on the latest must-buys. Don’t just take our word for it, let Ash’s photos speak their thousand words.  

Gold on gold, on gold.

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Jonathan Morrison keeps track of tech with kickass features on his Youtube channel that’ll keep you hooked. Consider following on Instagram for tech porn pictures and previews of his upcoming videos that might just be enough to tell featured brands to shut up and take your money.  

My Three Momaws - This Hammerhead Was the Final Vintage Figure I Once Needed to Complete a Now-Broken Collection

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Chris Pirillo is an avid Star Wars collector and loves including his little daughter in the fun. Check this geek dad and daughter duo with their awesome ever-growing jealousy-inducing collectibles.  

Yet another delayed Kickstarter project. Happy that I finally got it though #techpp

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Tech blogger, Raju PP showcases some of the neatest gadgets and Kickstarter devices on his Instagram page. Follow him to take a look at cool gizmos that may escape the eyes of most tech websites out there.   Special Mention

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We weren’t sure about including Geeky Ranjit in this list since he’s relatively inactive on Instagram but we hope that he’ll come through with enough content soon. Especially since he’s right up there with the top Youtube tech reviewers. He does justice alright to his ‘geeky’ prefix and loves testing and previewing all kinds of electronic devices. You can learn a thing or two with tutorials and tips on enhancing your tech experience. Unfortunately, he’s Meanwhile you can also subscribe to his YouTube channel. On that note, here are some more some great Youtube channels you should check out as well 5 Tech Youtube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Right Now! Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com