First up it is the third-gen Flir One camera system which takes its inspiration from the original Flir cameras and introduces better performance and features. This camera can latch on to any to iOS or Android device. It features the new OneFit adjustable-height connector, including a USB-C version for Android, the third generation FLIR ONE easily attaches to more smartphones without needing to remove your phone case. It is also the most affordable Flir One to date at $199.99 (we love this bit). If you always wanted to dip your toes in thermal waters, this is a good place to begin. flir one pro However there are pro users who want more and for them the Flir One Pro would be a perfect choice. This one offers a rugged design, the new OneFit adjustable-height connector, and a more powerful set of imaging features. It is more expensive too at $399.99 but if you are a professional who uses thermal imaging for work requirements, it doesn’t get better than this. Why? Because it offers MSX and VividIR advanced image processing, along with multiple spot temperature meters and one-touch reporting capabilities to quickly interpret and share results. What if I own a drone? You ask. flir drone Buy the Flir Duo cameras for drones, we reply. The Flir Duo is the drone industry's premier multi-sensor camera that features Flir's Lepton thermal microcamera core, a high-definition (HD) 1080p visible camera, and Flir's very own patented MSX technology. With this camera you can record to a microSD card and the real-time remote control of camera functions can be mounted to any airframe capable of holding the most popular action cameras. While operating the system, you can switch between the FLIR Duo's thermal and visible cameras in-flight or view both in a picture-in-picture mode. It is priced a bit steep at $999.99, but the enthusiast in you should not mind that. Talking about enthusiasm, if you are in the mood, you could even opt for the Flir Duo R camera which will set you for $1299 but compensates for that by adding accurate temperature measurement capabilities for commercial applications including agricultural, construction, civil engineering, building inspection, and public safety use cases. Also Read: Ready for Takeoff: The GoPro Karma flir c3 Finally we have the Flir C3 which too is a rugged, pocket-portable thermal camera for home inspectors, real estate professionals, general contractors, and other trade professionals who need a powerful diagnostic tool to quickly pinpoint hidden electrical, energy efficiency, or moisture issues. It offers a high brightness 3in touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, higher thermal sensitivity and measurement capability for accurate temperature readings. Flir has also packed in a new picture-in-picture function to enable better image comparison in the field. The FLIR C3 will be available in the first quarter of 2017 for $699.99. Start saving! Cover Image via; Image via,,