We’re never going to be as cool as our dads. It’s just something we have to come to terms with. But there is nothing wrong with borrowing some inspiration from the dudes in whose shadows we’ve grown up. My dad didn’t have a closet as large as Lenny Kravitz’ or David Beckham’s, however he still had a few things that I’ve been eyeing ever since I was little. Here is a list of things that I have borrowed (ahem, stolen) from his wardrobe over the years.
vintage red suitcase

Red Suitcase

Whenever dad traveled abroad, he used an iconic red suitcase to pack all of his clothes in. This was the toughest score for me as he just wasn’t ready to part with it. However, persistence pays. Let me tell you, there is no match to the smugness and satisfaction on my face when I see this red suitcase gliding towards me on the conveyor belt.

silver silk tie

Silver Tie

The perfect occasion to acquire something from someone else’s closet is when they are sentimental. I swiped dad’s silver tie when I needed something classy to spruce up my suit for the school’s farewell dinner.

tan belt

Classic Tan Buckle Belt

This one was a challenge for me because as a kid I never held myself back when it came to food, as a result neither did my waist. But dad’s tan buckle belt imbibed the spirit of classy retro vintage so well that I had to do whatever it took to claim it for myself.

Striped Woolen Scarf

I must admit there aren’t enough opportunities to wear the striped woolen scarf that I stole from dad’s closet unless I’m traveling. It’s certainly not feasible in my city, but that’s never stopped any style-sentient man from owning something that he’s coveted since childhood. Besides, what sort of man can’t handle a little bit of heat?

Reversible Suede Jacket

It was love at first sight with this one. Dad had a smart reversible jacket in army green. When I was young, I never missed a chance to sneak into the cupboard and try it on. It reached up to my knees and made me look like a mini detective, minus the dark glasses and deerstalker cap. Until now, there has never been a time when someone hasn’t admired its reversible glory when I’ve worn it.