Few years ago if you had to put together a head-to-toe printed look which included a checked shirt and a colourful floral skirt, it would've been labelled as a fashion faux paus. But skip to 2020, who'd have ever thought about this trend taking over the fashion runways worldwide?
Looking at all of summer's trends this year, print-on-print may seem to be one of the toughest to pull off. However, with a few easy tips and tricks, you're sure to make a statement. This technique is also the perfect way to flaunt the best of the season's trends in one look.
From florals paired with stripes to checks paired with houndstooth, here's all you need to know about this popular technique.

Begin With Two Prints

If you're just starting out, it's best to choose two patterns for your outfit. Also, choosing simple silhouettes can make it easier to pull off the trend at first. If you're a fashion risk-taker and have already mastered this trend, adding a third print will not cause any harm.

Choosing Prints From The Same Family

It doesn't mean you always need to choose two completely different prints. Choosing prints like tiny checks with big checks or different floral patterns can help you put together a stylish look too.

Mixing Shapes and Textures

Choose printed pieces that have different shapes and textures to make your outfit interesting. For example, a printed silk blouse paired with a printed knit skirt would add a cool touch to your look.

Neutrals To The Rescue

If you'd love to wear a vibrant or crazy print, pair it with your favourite neutral piece to balance out the look. It could be a jacket, heels or even a pair of sunglasses that can really help tone down the print.

Stripes As A Basic Print

Stripes are going to be the basics of your printed collection. They're also the perfect way to break up a head-to-toe printed look.
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