Smartphones are essential gadgets today, and with them being essential products, it is also imperative that they are well maintained over time. One key part of taking good care of your phone is to ensure the well being of your smartphone battery, which in turn would ensure that you do not end up with a device that requires you to plug in to a power source, every few hours. However, in the process of trying to maintain optimal battery life, we often end up adopting steps that are not quite scientific, and as such, have little to no effect on our smartphone batteries. Here, we look at five such commonly followed practices, and why you shouldn’t be paying any heed to them.

Myth 1: Discharging phone fully before charging them again

One commonly followed myth is that a smartphone should always be allowed to run itself to the ground before being resuscitated. In truth, your smartphone battery goes through more toil if you discharge it to zero every time before charging it back to 100 percent again. According to expert opinion across the internet, smartphones should ideally be charged when they have about 15 to 20 percent power left, and be disconnected from power source once they reach about 90 percent charge.

Myth 2: Overnight charging kills phone battery faster

One of the most enduring myths about charging devices, this one says that you may end up overloading your phone battery if you leave it for charging overnight. In truth, smartphones today are smart enough to cut their circuitry off the power source, once they are fully charged. The next time you risk waking up with very little power left on your phone, be rest assured and plug your device in before going to sleep.

Overnight charging is not a risk with modern smartphones

Myth 3: Talking while phone is on charge kills battery

This is as untrue as any other myth about gadgets. The only way it affects the phone battery is by taking longer to charge, since you are also consuming the battery as you charge it up. However, this has no effect on the overall longevity of a phone battery, or runs any risk of damaging your phone in any way.

Myth 4: Place your smartphone on a cold surface to preserve battery longevity

One can see the logic, since overheating any electronic item is detrimental to its longevity. However, trying to cool your phone while it is being charged only affects the battery adversely due to the chemical reaction that happens inside batteries while being charged. Next time, if your phone overheats while charging, leave it unplugged for a while and then resume charging.

Placing your smartphone on a cold surface while charging doesn't have any impact

Myth 5: Switching off wi-fi, Bluetooth to save power

Both wi-fi and bluetooth in today’s smartphones operate on very little power. Coupled with that, smartphones nowadays come with intelligent power management services that can predictively control such settings. As a result, it is more prudent to leave your wi-fi and Bluetooth settings on autopilot, since switching them off make no difference at all to your phone’s battery life.

Image Courtesy: Canva