It is always a good time to pick up a new skill or two. More relevant now than ever before, it is only a matter of few minutes a day to take lessons of something exciting that widens your knowledge. And what better way to start off than learning a new language. Gone are the days when you had to enroll into a course and attend classroom sessions. With the digital boom, you get access to hundreds of international languages from the comfort of your home. With apps that are user-friendly and easy to understand, learning a new foreign language is fun, interesting and anything but intimidating. From pictorial lessons to audio sessions, we put together five best language apps that you can choose from according to your preferred style of learning.


One of the best rated language app, Duolingo lets you learn multiple languages at once with its easy interface. It has a fun range of activities that helps you ease through the process of reading, writing and pronouncing at your own pace. You will be surprised to know how quickly you progress from simple words and move on to complex phrases with the app’s upbeat learning experience.


With over 80 million users worldwide, Busuu is popular for its extensive language courses which provides accent training and reviews from native speakers. It's highly interactive and has a placement test to understand what level you are at before beginning a course. So Busuu works great for not just beginners but also people who have learnt basics and what to up their skills to gain official certification.


Babbel aims to keep the experience of learning a new language easy with its minimalist interface. If this skill always seemed overwhelming to you, then that’s about to change. It offers 15 mins lessons every day, so you can pick up grammar tips, new words, conversation phrases in a systematic way daily. It also gives you time to revise, track your progress and ace new levels of learning in the chosen language with each lesson.


Memrise is unique in the way it helps its users to learn how to speak like the locals. So if French is what you want to learn, you get access to a range of short videos that helps you learn words, phrases and sentences in casual conversations. That way, you know the right pronunciation, tone of voice, literal translations and gender usage. Memrise also uses simplistic visual aids like flashcards to remind you of tips when you are in the process of learning.


If you are a visual learner who prefers pictorial representations that guide you through a new language, then Drops is your ideal pick. When you pick a new language to learn, you get trained with words and its picture along with its English translation. Its colourful look and feel instantly gives you a comfortable learning experience.