The fitness tracker is easily one among the most popular tech trends to dominate 2016. What started as a fascination among fitness enthusiasts soon became the motivation any workout-curious individual was looking out for. This wearable device can track your daily activities, whether in the gym or otherwise and give you an analytical record of calories burned, distance covered, steps taken, heart rate and sleep patterns.

There’s a reason why every other person these days straps on this gadget all day. This one single device can monitor health routines in many ways. Here are a few reasons why the fitness band could be a wise buy to kick-start your fitness goals before the year ends.

Motivates you

What can be more motivating than being able to watch yourself progress each burned calorie at a time. When you’re aware how every activity and exercise helps you IRL you will be motivated to keep up your pace and work for better results. When nobody else notices, a fitness tracker is that gadget who’ll stay by your side, recording all your hard work.

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Challenges you

Most fitness trackers let you set realistic goals which gives you a fair estimate on how it will help you progress. Are you training for a marathon? A fitness tracker will count your steps, pace and distance to help update your goals as you advance. Once you’ve progressed it will challenge you further along your journey. Thus you keep getting better and better.

Makes you accountable for yourself

There’s no trainer with a whip making workouts seem like a task you need to get out of your way. It’s just your tracker and you along this fitness journey, where you realise how each step and calories makes a difference to your life. You become more interested and responsible for your own wellbeing, thus taking it more seriously than you would have while being lectured by your gym trainer.

Accounts for other activities too

Did you just lift some heavy boxes up the stairs, or run to catch the train to work? Well, good for you because even if you didn’t realise that your activity was a small workout in itself, your fitness tracker did record it. Every small movement is recorded and presented to you by the tracker. Thus motivating you further to take up such activities like walking a short distance instead of taking a cab, because every calorie counts!

Helps you connect to fellow trackers

Fitness trackers usually have apps that let fellow trackers connect to each other. Here you can get in touch with people with similar goals and discuss and challenge each other to strive better. You can also host challenges and group sessions with them, therefore boosting your own confidence.

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