Fitness enthusiasts are always welcoming newer ways to improve their workout routine. And technology has become an integral part of this improvisation. If you’ve not yet teched-up your regime, you aren’t making the most of your workout. Here’s how you can use technology and all the fitness gadgets is has to offer to really amp up your fitness goals.
Track your activities
Garmin VivoFit2 Fitness Tracker
Strap on this fitness tracker to your wrist and it will keep track of all your movements. It will monitor all your activities in the gym and outside too. This device displays the steps take, calories burned and distance covered. It has an added feature that monitors your sleep too. But what really sets it apart is it’s “time to move” alerts. The red bar on the display sets a gentle alarm-like sound after one hour of inactivity that can be reset only when you get up and walk for a few minutes. Great way to make sure you don’t laze away, right! Also Read: 5 Fitness Bands That Promise a Fitter You In 2016
Get smarter about the way you exercise
TomTom Spark Music GPS Fitness Watch
Some would say, why wear a watch when you can wear a smart watch. This uber cool device not only tells you the time but also tracks your speed, pace, calories burned, distance and sleep. It is a waterproof sport watch, so it will track your swim workout too. And that’s not all, it’s also a music device that lets you store a playlist on the watch that you can listen to when you workout.
Make every step count
Anglink Bluetooth Headphones Fitness Pedometer
Is it a headphone or a fitness tracker? Well, it’s both. This pedometer tracks your steps, calories burned, distance covered and doubles up as a Bluetooth headphone too. It's sweat proof and also facilitates high-quality sound. It’s the perfect jogging buddy. Oh did we mention; you can also connect your phone to it so that you won’t miss a call when you’re exercising either.
Keep yourself motivated
Jabra Step Headset
There’s no doubt that music is what motivates your workout routine.  And good headphones are what will make it totally worth it. This dust-proof and water-proof gadget has detailed sound quality and is wireless too. Also Read: 9 Headphones to Pump You Up This Olympic Season
App to rely on
fitness apps Now that your fitness routine is being tracked, here are a few apps that will aid your workout.

7 Min Workout

This app features a number of 7-minute workouts for weight loss and other kinds of specific body workouts. Download on Android, iOS

My Fitness Pal

Being fit is a combination of a good workout and a good diet. This app monitors your calories and helps you make better food choices. Download on Android, iOS


This app is like your personal trainer. It lets you track your fitness, analyse your performance, set goals and take challenges. Download on Android, iOS Find more wearable devices here.  Cover Image Courtesy:; Image courtesy:

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