We are sure getting fit is one of your top resolutions. To help you avoid procrastination, we present a list of the top five fitness bands in the country that you can pick up and get on your way to fitness. Your body will thank you for your commitment to fitness. You, on the other hand, can thank us later for our hard work!
JawBone Up 3
Jawbone-fitness band
First off, let’s give JawBone some brownie points for breaking out of the mould and giving fitness bands a much-needed makeover. The JawBone UP 3 looks more like a stylish wristband than a fitness band and we’re glad for it. Coming to the band itself, the Jawbone UP3 has some never-seen before features thanks to its sensors that can measure your heart rate, perspiration levels, BMI and hydration. There is no display on the band though and it is not waterproof, a possible deal-breaker for some.  
Sony SmartBand 2
Sony Smartband 2 The second generation of the SmartBand by Sony is a multi-sensor life logger that can provide the user with full-scale insights about their fitness, wellbeing and stress levels too. This band comes with a heart rate sensor which offers health trackings. In addition, it also provides sleep insights. You can also receive alerts when you receive a message, call, email, tweet or other notifications when paired with your smartphone. Also Read: Tuesday #FitSpiration: Get off Your Ass and Work Up a Sweat  
Fitbit Charge HR
Fitbit charge HR
Another addition to the Fitbit family, the Charge HR is one of the simpler fitness bands that comes with a heart rate monitor. It features a tiny OLED screen and a single button on the side. The charging port and the heart rate senor are place on the inside of this device which makes it a much more comfortable device. As most of its counterparts, it can track steps taken, distance covered, heart rate, calories burned and floors climbed. Connecting it to your smartphone will provide you notifications and incoming calls but unfortunately will not support music control and text notifications.  
Intex Fitrist Fitness Band
Intex Fitness Band
Intex Fitrist Fitness Band is one of the category-breakers in the fitness band genre with its jaw-dropping price. But don’t think for a moment that the Intex Band is an inferior piece. This device comes with an OLED display and can track your everyday activities like the steps you take, calories you burn and can also monitor the hours you sleep. Furthermore, you can use it to control your Smartphone’s music player and camera directly from the band. Also Read: Why Get a Watch When You Can Get a Smart Watch
Garmin Vivofit 2
Garmin fitness band
The Garmin Vivofit 2 has one feature that makes it stand head and shoulders above other fitness bands – battery life. Once charged, the Vivofit 2 does not need to be charged for over a year! It is also water resistant and features a calorie count and a watch that is always available on the band’s display screen. The Vivofit 2 also measures your sleep quality and is an ideal fitness band for those who love to travel and cannot be bothered to charge their fitness band every now and then.
Fitness bands are fast gaining popularity more now than ever. With the Indian population becoming increasingly health conscious, there market here is huge for such products. I personally really like the Fitbit Charge HR, due to its versatility and accuracy. It doesn't look bad either. Yatish Suvarna, Deputy Editor, Stuff India
Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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