Smartphones run our lives today. From ordering food to booking flight tickets and everything in between, we've never been helped more by any device. Even in fitness, apps have started to play an important role - be it in tracking our workout metrics or making them more interesting. Here are some of the top fitness apps to add something unique to your daily workout routine.

Run from zombies with Zombies, Run!

Put on your headphone, fire up the app and start a run - while escaping zombies. Combining audio-gaming with running, this app lets you gather intel, supplies and discover secrets while scoring points on your run.

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Save time with 7-Minutes workout

With recognition in the scientific world as well as fitness communities, this method requires minimal investment for maximum returns. All you need to do is follow the steps detailed in the app and stick to it for 7 minutes of your time, every day.

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Run long distance with Couch to 5K

Go through a 9-week plan with this app to get ready for a 5K run with just three 30-minute runs per week. If you believe that running a 5K is impossible for you, it's time to change your mind.

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Smash those moves with Just Dance Now

Experience the popular console dancing game with any smartphone - as long as you have an internet-connected screen. Your smartphone becomes the controller and you even get scored on your moves.

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Run around the world with BitGym

With BitGym on your phone screen, you’ll be looking at scenic locales of your choice on the treadmill, while the person next to you stares at a wall.

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