It’s that time of the year when you’ll find plenty of major sporting events happening at once. And after a week that was chock-a-block with stressful meetings, watching a match with friends & family can prove to be the tonic that you needed to go on in life. But what if the viewing experience on your LED TV could be even better? An LED TV is great for watching sports with a bunch of people as they have great viewing angles and deliver similar picture quality to everyone around the room. But the default settings on your television might not be suitable for watching sports. So if you’re looking for a better experience, here are some settings you should tinker with.

Don’t use the sports mode

Ironically, sports mode on most televisions is unanimously argued to be the worst settings for sports by critics. They crank up the brightness to a level that washes out colours and laughs at the concept of contrast. You’ll be better off with Dynamic or even Cinema mode on your LED TV, which will preserve the colours and are much more natural to look at than Sports mode.

Adjust brightness levels

Adjusting the brightness level of your television is essentially important while watching sports. This depends on various factors like at what time during the day you’re watching, how well-lit the room is and what are the lighting conditions of the sport you’re watching. For instance, if you’re watching a day cricket match you might want to dim down the brightness (given that your room isn’t well lit) and vice versa.

If you can't read the above text in its entirety, it could be because the brightness level on your screen is affecting its contrast

Tune contrast on your LED TV

Tuning contrast can help differentiate between colour shades that are at the same end of the spectrum. For example, similar jersey colours in a match between India & England might get a bit confusing to watch. In such cases, increasing the contrast levels of the TV will help distinguish between teams even better. This makes even more sense in a football match where it gets difficult to track team players.

Motion settings

Sports like cricket & tennis feature fast-paced action that moves too fast for your television to display accurately. This might lead to blurry visuals. To tackle this, you can toggle motion-smoothing settings on your TV (different OEMs brand this tech differently). This will help solve the motion blur problem to a certain extent. Also, turning on noise reduction and turning off edge enhancement will further improve the picture quality.

Apart from the above settings, feel free to tinker with additional settings available in the menu too. In the end, it really depends on the setting of the television, lighting of the environment around it and an image that you find pleasing and comfortable to look at.

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