It’s time to roll up your socks, grab that controller and prepare for another exciting 90 minutes on the pitch because we’re less than a month away from the release of FIFA 20. The latest entrant in the popular sports franchise from EA Sports promises a lot of new and exciting upgrades to the gameplay, and some entirely new offerings to woo old and new gamers alike. We’ve picked out the best things about FIFA 20 that you should consider if you’re looking to get the game:

Volta football

One of the biggest talking points about FIFA 20 is the reintroduction of street-style football with Volta football. Imagine passing the ball to yourself with a rebound from the wall, and then hitting it for a goal. There are no substitutions, offsides, injuries, yellow or red cards, or even fatigue/stamina - this is football at its most accessible, fun and free-flowing version.

Volta Football


Some of the most exciting moments in a football match occur during direct confrontations between players on the field. EA Sports has recognised this with a significant overhaul of the FIFA 20 game engine to make 1vs1 encounters much more realistic and dynamic. Features like the new strafe system, Agile Jockey system and controlled tackling are the benefits you get here.

Volta Football gameplay in Tokyo

Decisive moments

To improve responsiveness in the game, FIFA 20 allows players to change their button input until the very last moment during the game. The Active Touch system has been incorporated in the ball control system as well. It improves initial control and allows for more fluidic follow up actions. Set Up Touch allows for more precise control over shots.

Eden Hazard (in-game)

Ball physics

The ball physics in FIFA 20 have been reworked to match that of actual footballs – down to the bounces, spins and trajectories. Even pitch wear and tear shall impact the ball’s trajectories. There are a lot of interesting shots available, each of which affects the outcome.

The developers have made street football more accessible with Volta

Set pieces

One of the major issues with FIFA has been the inconsistency in taking freekicks and corner kicks. This time, EA Sports has reworked this aspect of the game to work better. A reticule shows you where your shot is aimed at, also there are icons to show the spin.

Virgil van Dijk (in-game)

Other improvements

From permeable referees to pass block assistance, and tons of new content in the form of new celebrations, kick-off emotions and better player actions – all contribute to making this the best version of your favourite football game ever.

Amsterdam Environment (in-game)

FIFA 20 availability and Pre-order

Can't wait to get your hands on FIFA 20 anymore? You can preorder the game upto 26th September and it starts shipping on 27th September. Depending on which edition you pick, you get a host of benefits, as shown below:

Standard Edition

  • Up to 3 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs (1 Per Week For 3 Weeks)
  • Choose one of five mid-version ICON Items for 5 FUT matches
  • Special Edition FUT Kits

Champions Edition

  • 3 Days Early Access
  • Up To 12 Rare Gold Packs (1 Per Week For 12 Weeks)
  • Loan Icon Player Pick - Choose 1 of 5 Loan Icon Items (Mid Version) For 5 FUT Matches
  • Special Edition FUT Kits

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Image Courtesy: EA