Celeb-inspired dream wardrobes are so passé. If we want a closet full of fun-yet-functional clothes, we'd turn to our favourite fictional characters for style inspo, don't you think? Now that Doctor Strange is out and wow-ing our socks off, we decided to do just that - put together a wardrobe full of fabulous fictional outfits. Take a peek into our closet!

Cloak of Levitation

doctor-strange-teaser-poster Doctor Strange's cloak is a superhero in its own right. From shape-shifting and the obvious power of levitation to protection against magical spells and near-indestructibility, the cloak is a self-sufficient sentient being that just makes Strange so cool. Plus, check out the swanky red and gold threads. So perfect for the winter.

Ruby Red Slippers

dorothy Somehow, the colour red is some indication of magical powers and Dorothy's Ruby Slippers is just another example to follow. Possibly the swankiest way to travel around, these sparkling, Deco-inspired shoes will take you home in three clicks of the heels. Think of all the time you'd be saving on commute everyday.

The Invisibility Cloak

Cloak-1991 The first time we read about the Invisibility Cloak, we squealed with glee. First there is the poetic description - fluid-like, silvery, silky. Then there is the fact that it renders the wearer invisible and is resistant to most summoning charms. Add to that the bit about it being one of the three Deathly Hallows, created by Death himself, and you have an IT outfit.

Ant-Man Suit

Ant-Man-11-1940x1212 A suit that gives you the ability to maximise and, erm, shrink might not sound too covetable but think of the many instances you can put this to use. If you're socially awkward or just plain trying to avoid your boss, this suit is your power suit.

The Wardrobe from Narnia

100405697_narnia_248369c Okay, technically the clothes aren't magical. But hey, the wardrobe is! Not only can you store your favourite garments (magical or not) here, you can also use it to enter a magical kingdom.