The festive season has only just begun and there are already so many occasions, celebrations and more importantly FOOD to look forward to! Starting from Ganesh Chaturthi to all the way to Diwali and even New Year, each festival brings with it a whole bunch of specialities and delicacies that even the staunchest of fitness addicts won’t be able to keep away from. No wonder the fact remains true that an average Indian gains a lot of weight during this season. Well luckily, the binge fest isn’t at its pinnacle, there’s still time to plan out the next few weeks so that you don’t gain those extra pounds.
Don’t step out hungry
hungery You can’t take a sane decision when you’re starving. Entering a place filled with tons of food, especially oily snacks and sweets will cause you to lose all control and go on binge mode. Make sure you grab something to eat before you step out so that you can control your appetite better.
Use a calorie counter
calorie control The best way to safeguard yourself against calorie-rich food is to become aware of how many calories you consume with each bite. Did you know that a single ball of gulab jamun has 142 calories? So if you treat yourself to two of those and a few ladoos too, you’ll be way off your limit in just one meal. The best way to ensure you don’t go overboard is to set yourself a calorie limit for the day and then calculate each meal to make sure you don’t cross it. Apps like MyFitnessPal and MyNetDiary are a great way to journal all your calorie intakes.
Eat slowly
eat well Did you know your mind takes 20 minutes to register how full you are? Eating slowly will give you the time to make up your mind and let you relish the flavours you’re consuming leaving you satiated.
Liquid calories count too
alcohol Celebrations call for some alcohol right, but don’t forget that drinks contain empty calories, which means they won’t satiate your hunger but will add up to the calorie and fat intake. Despite all those calories, you’ll still feel hungry and will end up eating some more to balance out the alcohol. So go easy with the alcohol and other beverages too. Journal them into your calorie counter to know how much you consume.
Playing it smart with sugar
sugar Food and alcohol aside, sugary sweets are what will be your biggest challenge during the festive season. The key is to eat mindfully. The first bit of any sweet dish is always the best. Eat it slowly and relish it the most. Another two bites after that is enough to satisfy your taste buds and thus keep you from overindulging. Prioritising your sweets can help too. If you enjoy barfis the most, consciously stay away from those ladoos so you can spare those calories on the food you love. If you’re buying or making sweets, opt for healthier choices like sugar-free options.
Invest in getting more active
get active This would be a nice time to register for that dance or swimming class you’ve been looking forward too. Not only will it help you burn calories but it will also give you something to look forward to other than the festivities. You can also invest in a good fitness tracker that will motivate you to burn and track calories. After all, only when you lose calories, you’ll be able to reward yourself a good treat without gaining extra weight. Also Read: How to Tech Up Your Workout Routine with the Best Fitness Gadgets Cover Image Courtesy:

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