Try as hard as Donald Trump and Narendra Modi may, they stand no chance against their female counterparts when it comes to matters of sartorial-political correctness. Clearly, you need to look the part if you have a nation to lead and these women know how to get it right. For every loud word uttered by the Trump or right-wing stooge Arnab Goswami, these leaders just let their outfit do the talking. From Theresa May's love for shoes to Priyanka Gandhi's immaculately starched saris, here are the lessons we've learnt from our favourite female leaders. Keep Calm and rule the world.

Power Uniform: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's pantsuits may have received more backlash than her email controversy but we're turning to this soon-to-be POTUS (here's hoping) to learn a lesson or two in developing a signature look. Her solid-toned pantsuits in colour like cobalt or ivory, paired with a demure neckpiece and on-fleek hair is a visual proof of sticking to a stylish uniform shaves off hours of agonising over wardrobe woes in the morning and take you a step closer to getting shit done--a belief also held by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and (ahem) Narendra Modi.

Power Heels: Theresa May

politician Twocoms / The recently-elected Prime Minister of the UK is known for conservative policies on immigration and her love for leopard print kitten heels. We may not  always agree with her on global issues but we've got to give it to her—her shoe game is on point. So much so that in a recent conference in Brighton, union leaders tried to put to vote a law prohibiting compulsion of heels for women. While that's great and everything, the union also wants Theresa May to lead by example and ditch her kitten heels for flats. Can we please just have men stop telling us what and what not to wear? All those in favour, say aye!

Power Drape: Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi

You have to give it to the Gandhi women—they sure know the importance of a good sari and its place in the political battleground. It's safe to say the tradition started with Indira Gandhi, her neatly pinned saris and iconic hairstyle became a symbol of power. Following in the same lines, Sonia Gandhi's penchant for handwoven cottons is inherited, but there's no denying the fact that her choice of the same uniform as her mother-in-law has to do with keeping the symbolism alive. And of course, Priyanka Gandhi believes in carrying the family legacy on.

Power Femininity: Aung San Suu Kyi

politician 2 360b /

Myanmar's pro-democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi has inspired a nation, at a huge personal cost. Serving 15 years under house arrest can't be easy but Suu Kyi has been a picture of grace (and style) throughout the worst adversities. Her quiet demeanor and humble smile are the best accessories to her usual garb of the traditional blouse and sarong, and her hairstyle of a low bun tucked with flowers is just as high on charm. Cover Image courtesy Trevor Collens /