Shopping for the perfect lingerie that has the right balance of comfort and style could surely be a challenge. But, wouldn’t it be awesome if your favorite SATC character made it a whole lot easier? We’ve got you these pretty pieces that are inspired by your favourite characters and their personalities that are surely going to make you splurge. With pretty lingerie that is absolutely sexy and that fits like a dream, we’re sure you’d want to get your hands on at least one, if not all!

Carrie Bradshaw

You may love her or you may absolutely hate her but Carrie Bradshaw undoubtedly has some serious fashion goals you could totally take inspiration from (even though they might seem totally impractical at times). From splurging on some ridiculously priced shoes to looking her best even while at McDonalds, Carrie loves keeping her money right where she can see it - in her closet. Keeping that in mind, we've got you some of the prettiest yet comfortable bras that Carrie would most likely buy and now you could too.
These chic bras with pretty lace trimmings are absolutely comfortable and chic. It could be paired with a t-shirt or your stylish blouses to make you feel like an absolute diva.

Samantha Jones

Samantha is strong, witty and lives life on her own terms without being affected by what anyone might have to say about her. She's adventurous and would definitely give you that perfect boost of confidence to resolve any kind of awkward situation you've got yourself into. She has her own individual style which is quite bold. We've got you the sexiest bras that are inspired by her unique personality.
samantha 2
These bras are not only sexy but also extremely comfortable. Taking inspiration from Samantha Jones, flaunt these pieces with a sexy dress or your go-to LBD for an effortlessly stylish and sexy date night look.

Miranda Hobbes

The most conservative of the four, Miranda's style has evolved throughout the series. From power suits to chic blouses and bold accessories, she's tried them all. She's level headed and has the most thoughtful advice. She likes keeping her look minimal and so, we've got you some chic neutral bras that you'd absolutely love.
You could never really have enough of neutral bras with a good fit. They're perfect for most of our dresses and tops and your go-to pick for when comfort is your absolute priority. A good fitting neutral bra is something you need to buy in multiples and we've got you the perfect ones you're definitely going to love.

Charlotte York

Known to be the most girly of them all, Charlotte's style was most often elegant, classy and sophisticated. From printed skirts to pink dresses, Charlotte was the girl who kept up with trends while always incorporating her personal style in putting together her looks. Keeping that in mind, we've handpicked pretty pink bras that are the perfect balance of sexy and stylish.
charlotte 1
If you love all things girly and pink, these pretty pink bras are perfect for you. They're comfortable, stylish and could be paired with your summer tops and dresses. Be inspired by Charlotte's sense of style and get yourself one of these which will surely not leave you disappointed. Image Courtesy: Hunkemoller Like this article? Also read: Lingerie So Sexy You Will Wear It Only To Take It Off