Eating healthy does not always begin and end at eating a salad. You can climb on the wellness wagon by adding a healthier twist to your everyday food. All you have do it adapt your recipes and cooking methods to reduce unhealthy calories and increase the nutritive elements. Here are a few ways to cook healthier versions of your favourite food without compromising on the taste or your diet.

Air fry food to cut out the oil

air fryer Air fryers use an innovative technology that fries food using very little or no oil at all. Whether you’re making quick snacks like chips, pakoras or nuggets or even fried chicken, use this gadget to cook your food. This way you can eat your fries and skip the oil too. Also Read: Search air fryer Air Fryer: How This Low-Oil Frying Tech Works

Cold press your juices to retain the nutrients

juicer Natural juices are filled with healthy nutrients but are you really getting them when you juice them? There are various kinds of juicers that use different juicing procedures. Most commercial juicers heat up during the process, thus oxidizing nutrients in the bargain. To make the most of your juice, use a cold-pressed juicer that slowly juices the fruit or vegetable and keeps the nutrients intact.

Steam your veggies instead of sautéing them

salad If you’re going to eat vegetables at least make sure you’re making the most out of them. Research shows that between boiling, steaming, sautéing and microwaving, steaming retains the highest amount of nutrients in vegetables. Steamed veggies like broccoli, carrots and beetroots make for a filling and nutrient-rich meal that will keep your diet in check. Also Read: Sport Shoes For Every Kind Of Monsoon Workout

Grill your meat instead of frying it

grilled meat Grilling is a great alternative to frying your meat. You end up using lesser oil when you grill your food, which means you’ll be consuming lesser fats. Moreover, grilled meat is more succulent and has a delish smoky flavour to it.

Bake your own organic and nutritive bread

breakfast appliances You can never be too sure about what goes into the making of store-bought bread. However, you can control the ingredients and even add an extra bunch of healthy ones when you make your own bread. You can bake you own organic multi-grain bread and ensure there’s nothing that compromises your diet. Also Read: It’s Official, Long Work Hours Result in Heart Disease Images Courtesy:

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