Father’s Day is almost here, and there’s no time to lose if you still haven’t planned for a gift for your father. However, it isn’t always easy to pick something for your dad because, well, dads aren’t always easy to dish out approval - making their approval even more valuable. We reached out to real dads around us to know what they would like to get as a gift this Father’s Day. From a fitness tracker to a full-fledged smart home setup, here are some dad-approved Father’s Day gifts. 

The perfect shot

Photography has been a passion for me for as long as I can remember, which is why my ideal Father’s Day gift would be a Nikon D5300 DSLR. While I was highly involved in photography early in life, over the course of my career I lost touch with it and couldn’t pursue it on a regular basis. It was last year that I picked the D5300 and I’ve been clicking away ever since. The camera is perfect for advanced beginners, especially for people like me who are familiar with the nitty-gritties of photography and are looking to brush up their skills. This makes for an excellent pick due to many factors – perhaps too many to be listed here. A battery capacity of 600 shots, an impressive ISO range of 100-12800, extendable up to 25600, and ease-of-use features like Wi-Fi, GPS, and a fully-rotatable monitor – just some reasons why this is my ideal gift. 

A smart set of Lego

The general perception is that Lego is for children. However, technology has given us fathers a way to build Lego sets of our own – with smart home devices as the building blocks.  For me, an ideal Father's Day gift would be a connected ecosystem of devices that can talk to each other to make my life easier. While it is difficult to replace the entire lot of electronics in our homes with smart counterparts, Wi-Fi enabled IR blasters can smarten them up. Coupled with a smart speaker like the ones from Sonos, automatic cleaning devices from the Roomba lineup, smart lights like Hue and a single hub connecting all of this – that's the dream. For things that simply need to be powered to be used, basic Wi-Fi plugs can do the trick. A DJI Mavic Air would be the cherry on the top. 

Personalised health

Over the years, fitness is something I’ve come to value a lot in life. While I do believe that the final responsibility of staying healthy lies with the individual, a little help from technology can go a long way. Which is why, my ideal gift would be the Apple Watch. My Apple watch has become my fitness trainer.  It tells me if I have exercised enough, if I have moved enough and if I have stayed sedentary for too long. Depending on the goals I achieve, it also rewards me with achievement badges - which feels very encouraging. Thanks to the Apple Watch, I don't even need to carry my iPhone on my morning walks.  It even warns me if my pulse rate increases beyond the danger level - like when I am about to address a large audience! Additionally, its Taptic Engine lets me know that I am about to receive a call or a message a few seconds before my iPhone which is useful. It eliminates the need for a ringtone on the iPhone - though I am still getting used to this. It is a very personalised and non-intrusive device. 

A nostalgic adventure

Back in the day, Legend of Zelda was one of my favourite gaming franchises. Saving the kingdom of Hyrule and Princess Zelda, while going on adventures with Link was a great way to pass the Sunday afternoons. And who didn’t love a session of Mario? Now, years later, A Nintendo Switch feels like an ideal gift for Father’s Day to me. Not only will it let me relive my Zelda days, the easy multiplayer features with the included Joycon controllers will let me experience the thrill of one-on-one Mario Kart with my kid. With more titles being increasingly ported to the platform, it would also be a great way to take my favourite gaming titles on the go.  

A Father’s Day of fitness 

Everyone knows that it is important to keep moving, working out and eating healthy. However, few of us ever end up doing anything about it which is why I believe that an ideal gift for Father’s Day would be a fitness tracker. A device like the Fitbit Inspire HR, by putting finite goals and measuring objective performance towards them, goes a long way in encouraging a fit lifestyle. Seeing the numbers climb up and inch closer to the target can even feel therapeutic. The automatic workout tracking also takes out the hassle of manually picking a workout every time. Additionally, reviewing the data in the connected app later gives a nice overview of your performance, somewhat like watching the value of a stock change every day towards an overall improvement.  

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