Fastrack is popular with the youth for their cool and trendy watches. And now that it has launched its very first smartwatch, it’s going to be nothing short of a super stylish wearable. Fastrack’s Reflex is a unisex smartwatch for everyone but particularly resonates with the millennials who take style seriously even when it comes to a functional device. Here’s why the Reflex is a great smartwatch to own.
It features a hip design and 3 gorgeous colours to match everyone’s taste. Each band has two colour combinations, one on the inside and one on the outside. When you put on the band, it gives you a snug fit and yet is light on your wrist. The Reflex hits the right balance between being rigid and flexible. 3
It showcases all its trackable features along with the battery, date and time on a sleek 2.3cm OLED display.
Fitness features
The app tracks a number of fitness features that makes this smartwatch a perfect fitness companion. Whether you go for a run, walk up the stairs to work or any other move you make, this wearable captures every activity and showcases the following features.
  • It tracks the steps taken
  • It displays the distance covered as per the steps taken
  • It also displays the calories burnt as per the steps taken
  • It tells you how long you’ve been active all day
  • It also tells you the percentage of target achieved by filling up the progress bar
Smartwatch features
You can connect your Reflex smartwatch to your phone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Here are the features it offers.
  • Displays the name and/or number of the caller when you get a call
  • The band vibrates for 10 seconds when you get the call
  • You can touch the button to stop vibration
  • Screen shows you missed calls and unread message notifications
  • Sends SMS notifications on your progress to your smartphone
Set alarms
You can set up to 5 alarms in the app. When the alarm rings, the smartwatch will vibrate and the screen will flash. This happens for 30 seconds, after which the vibrations stops and the device goes into power saving mode.
Sleep Monitoring
The Reflex smartwatch has a sleep monitoring feature that helps you track your sleep schedule and calculates the number of hours you sleep. 2
Rechargeable battery
It has a powerful 70 mAh Li-Ion polymer battery that gives the smart band 96 hours of battery life, and needs only 60 minutes to fully charge.
IPX6 Technology
The Reflex smartwatch is resistant to spills and splashes. Be assured that a slight drizzle or sweat won’t damage it. You can buy the Fastrack Reflex smartwatch on Also Read: 7 Innovative Gadgets to Upgrade Your Health and Fitness Goals Cover Image via; Images via,,

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