The fitness tracker has become a ubiquitous accessory in daily life, one of the earliest versions of which was first introduced in 1982. The first Polar Sports Tester was basically and EKG mounted onto a wrist strap, and targeted at athletes, allowing them to monitor their biometrics. By 1987, the PE300 was offered Target Zones that helped with heart rate-based training. As technology advanced, in came GPS tracking, which allowed us to map our exercise routine to the metre; and with the internet boom came websites like MyFitnessPal, which allowed every health-conscious individual to track every aspect of their fitness programme. Then came the iconic FitBit, launched in 2008 by a San Francisco-based start-up. It took the fitness tracker mainstream, and as the cliché goes, there was no looking back. Over the last decade, technological advancements have made it possible for us to track everything from number of steps taken to sleep patterns and blood oxygen levels. The Fastrack Reflex Unisex Smartwatch Fitness Band does all this and more. Functional and good-looking, this water-resistant fitness band tracks your steps, counts calories burnt, distance walked and sleep patterns; additional features include a vibrating alarm, call alerts, SMS notifications and more. This Fastrack fitness band also has a quirky dual-coloured PU strap that’s available in three colours. It’s compatible with both, Android and iOS phones.

Fastrack Reflex Unisex Black & Red Smart Band Watch

This black and red fitness band is perfect if  you like to play it safe.

Fastrack Reflex Unisex Blue & Orange Smart Band Watch

Perfect for the gym, this blue and orange fitness band can be paired with your casual and active wear outfits.

Fastrack Reflex Unisex Purple & Black Smart Band Watch

If you love keeping up with trends, this ultra violet fitness band is just what you need. Ultra violet, after all, is Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2018.
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