Your smartphone is only as good as the battery allows it to be. Using your smartphone excessively will end up eating up your power supply, thus making you a slave to the charging point. It can be frustrating when you’re waiting patiently and those lines move up super sloooooowly. Spare yourself of this time-consuming trauma and use these handy hacks to for fast charging your smartphone.
Use the original phone charger
Just because the charger fits right, doesn’t meant they’ll charge your phone the same way as your original charger will. The fastest way to charge your phone is to connect it to a wall plug via the charger manufactured by the same brand as your phone. If your phone supports the fast charging feature, you can benefit from it completely only when you use the original charger.
Leave your phone switched off when your charge
You might miss out on a few notifications but leaving your phone switched off while charging can speed up the process phenomenally. Your phone might get charged in half the time it would if you’d have left it on.
Or turn off the battery-consuming features
If you absolutely can’t switch it off, consider turning off battery-consuming features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mobile data etc. when your phone is charging. You can also turn down the brightness and switch off notifications when your phone is being fuelled up. This will let it charge faster. Also Read: Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life with These Quick Hacks
Don’t use it while charging
Even if you’re close enough to the charger and can continue using your phone, keep away from it since this slows down the charging. Think about it, how will your phone charge when you are still consuming power? Keep your hands off your phone till you’re completely powered up.
Use a power bank to charge
A power bank is an ideal way to charge your phone when you’re not close to a charging point. But did you know that if you use a good high-capacity power bank, it also charges your phone much faster than leaving it connected to a plug point.