There are some investments one should make in life for payoffs that will elevate your quality of living. While the usual checklist includes a diversified equity portfolio and premium property, investing in the lifestyle – good gadgets and a tailored wardrobe – also makes perfect sense. In a world governed by the “wear today, gone tomorrow” mantra, quality has taken a beating. But this consumption pattern favours no one. Now that slow fashion is becoming the norm, it’s time to break out of this habit and adopt a more socially-conscious approach to shopping. So where should you start? Consider the case for Supima cotton. Supima Supima cotton is named after the Pima Indians—an indigenous tribe from Arizona, USA, who helped cultivate superior extra-long staple (ELS) cotton in experimental farms during the early 1900s. Such is the quality of the fibre that only five percent of cotton grown in America qualifies under the Pima cotton banner. If a garment bears the Supima trademark, it is an assurance of the superior pima cotton. Because of its controlled production and premium quality, the Supima cotton is highly prized and garments made from this fibre have distinct characteristics. American menswear brand, Brooks Brothers is known for its Supima causal and dress shirts. Here’s why Supima makes for the perfect fabric:


It’s easy to mistake Supima cotton for cashmere or silk – that’s how soft the woven fabric can be. Its extra-long fibres makes it easier to convert to yarn, and when woven, there are fewer exposed fibre ends. This makes Supima shirts extremely soft on the skin and less abrasive compared to other short staple or synthetic fibres.


Again, the ELS Supima fibres, when treated to dyes, absorb more colour due to the fibres’ longer surface area. The result is always vibrant and clear shades that will not fade over time, whether it is your shirts, T-shirts or bedsheets.


Supima cotton is 45 percent stronger than regular cotton, making the fabric comparatively stronger and less likely to shrink or pill. This also means Supima shirts will last longer and keep you comfortable every time you wear it. Supima can also be treated to make it wrinkle free, resulting in all-weather, non-iron shirts, which have become Brooks Brothers trademarks.

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