To anyone outside the nutshell of the industry, fashion week seems like the ultimate snub 'n' snob fest. Blame it on Devil Wears Prada or the shroud of exclusivity that Anna Wintour is ensconced in, fashion is often touted as being elitist, and wrongly so. To prove this theory, we decided to scout Instagram and find instances to support our claim. Just goes to show, you don't have to give a fuck even if you're a front row regular at fashion week. You do you, girl!
Denim jackets, T-shirt dresses, sneakers... fashion editors, they're just like us.

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We all have days when we want to dress up in the most baggy clothes we can find, sometimes those days happen to coincide with fashion week.
Sure #WokeUpLikeThis is a hashtag overused, but this is how you make the dream a reality.
Are denim cut-offs fashion week-appropriate? Who gives a flying duck!

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Lampshading - a cool new non-trendy trend that's just perfect for those hazy lazy days.
Oversized sweatshirt and distressed-to-dregs jeans are always a win.
Flea market finds always find a place in the front row.

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Leave the bodycon stuff to the Kardashians of the world.