Celebrating our body shapes and unique features is the first step towards feeling confident about ourselves. We started off with the Body Shape series to share with you powerful fashion guides put together by experts in the fields where the focus is on creating a balance, dressing your shape and playing up your favourite features. In this article, we talk about the apple-shaped body type, how to identify if you are one and the important styling tips that will help you all your life.

Dressing up an apple-shaped body is quite exciting and requires some smart ideas to highlight the right areas. We are delighted to have Fashion Stylist Priyanka Castelino sharing her styling expertise with us in this part of the series. Here's what she has to say:

Priyanka Castelino - Fashion Stylist

As a stylist, I see clothes as an extension of your body, so for me, it’s equally important to accentuate the right parts of you, and create a free-flowing, effortless feeling.

The classic apple shaped body – Defining features

Apple-shaped bodies, also referred to as circular or round shaped, typically carry most of their weight above the hips. Usually, this means broader shoulders, a larger bust and not much definition on the waist.

Styling tips for the apple-shaped body

Dressing for your body shape can do its part in making you feel good and feel like your best self. Being an apple shape, you have some stunning colours, prints and shapes awaiting you. Styling shouldn’t ever feel limiting, so while you aim for a structured and balanced look, you still can experiment and highlight the features that work the best for you.

Solid hues and bold prints

These body types can wear a lot more than everyone thinks. Everything from solid colours to bold prints. The only thing I would advise to stay away from are extremely busy, flashy prints on the top, as they’ll make the upper body look bigger. The goal with this body type is to create a balance.

Open necklines are your all-time classics

You want to draw the body lines downward, so necklines that accentuate the collarbone area work really well. Scoop necks, square necks, and deep V-necks in particular work great for you. Apple-shaped bodies also tend to have great arms, so I always look for ways to show them off with touches like slits and gathers.

Choose dresses that define your waist

Empire waist, shift, off-the-shoulder, wrap and bias-cut dresses can all really show off an apple-shaped body. You can also play with drapes or layers, which is something I like to do for my clients, to create the illusion of a waist. Personally, I love experimenting with athleisure in this body type, because they’ve also got amazing legs—so show them off with a casual chic t-shirt dress.

Lookout for features that add shape and structure

Let’s start with the basics: a bra that fits well. Apple shapes tend to have heavier chests, and so it’s important for you to find a bra that holds them together the right way. As for tops, anything with a lower neckline works, as well as spaghetti straps and off-the-shoulder top that show off your amazing arms. And of course, two classics for apple-shapes are peplum-waists and ruched-fronts, as both make the waist area look slimmer.

High-waist pants and A-Line skirts work their magic on you

This body shape usually has a great set of legs, so I love to accentuate them. We want to minimize the waist and stomach area, so I like to choose high-waisted pants with a side-zip to help that. A slight flare at the bottom of the jeans balances out a wider upper body, as well. Pencil skirts and A-line skirts are great options — go for something that hits just above the knee. I usually try to avoid long pleated skirts for this body type, as it can create a barrel sort of a look, but in some cases, I’ve seen it work.

Experiment with layering

For me, this is where everything comes together. Layering is key. You can break up the body and create different shapes by topping off your look with an open jacket, one with a longer lapel that goes past the waist-line. You can also have fun with it. Go shorter with a bomber or a cropped denim jacket. Most importantly, the point of layering (and why I love it so much) isn’t to hide your body—it’s to celebrate it. This is where you can truly have fun and create a lot of interesting, expressive looks, no matter what your body shape.

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