With all the excitement of Rio 2016 finally wrapped up (is it wrong to miss it already?) our poor, overworked nerves can start their recuperation process. What a stint this has been. Our champions shut down the haters *ahem, Shobhaa De* by proving the 'actions-speak-louder-than-words'  cliché right yet again. There is so much to learn from these warriors—from their undiminished spirit to their way of working within limited resources. Suffice to say, if you simlpy must have #SquadGoals, this is what you should aspire to. Sports might not be your thing but that's not to say you can't take a leaf or two out of the Olympians books. File these under take-back lessons and go all carpe diem.

Bright on Bright, Please

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PV Sindhu is a force to be reckoned with. Watching her play is like watching spoken word poetry in motion. Her final showdown against Carolina Marin made for a fine spectacle but what really caught our eye is her #Flawless way of pairing her bright yellow outfit with coral shoes. Touché, Sindhu.

Never Leave Home Without Accessories

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Damn, did Sakshi Malik do us proud! Especially proud by proving that you can kick all sorts of ass even when you're wearing butterfly clips and flashing a 1000-watt smile. Point duly noted.

Don't Underestimate Daytime Bling

Dipa Karmakar's brilliant performance at the vault was a shining example of how talent and perseverance function as a binary unit to yield results. Add a dash of glitter (leotard) to it and you've got yourself a superstar.