If you are still turning to fashion magazines for answers, you are doing something wrong. The OG Rosetta stone of of all fashion decrees is Reddit. If you want your IRL wardrobe issues to be sorted out, it's always the good folks at Reddit who'll be your Gandalf. So bookmark subreddits like r/femalefashionadvice or r/AllFashion and never have a bad sartorial day again. In the meantime, here are the fashion hacks we picked up from Reddit. Try them out today. Belts
When I wear a belt at my waist with a tail that is too long, I use double sided fashion tape to secure it.
Any fashionable person worth her salt knows that the best answer to an outfit rut is a belt. While another track to take is tying the long tail end into a loopy knot, this trick is genius of you want to keep it simple and save time. Shoes and Shirt
I frequently match the color of my top to the color of my shoes. I feel like this tactic frequently helps me pull an outfit together.
Who cares for the approval of fashion editors on this one. This is definitely the best way to look like you put in some effort in your outfit even if you didn't really spare too much time. Make this your go-to and never have wardrobe woes again. Black jeans and top
Good black jeans, black top and black boots: for the days when you're not feeling particularly creative.
If "all black everything" is good enough for Kanye, it should be good enough for you. don't be afraid to wear black from head to toe. To remove the goth connotation, mix textures. Knot shirt
To extend the use of my dresses, I put a shirt on top to make it also like a skirt.Depending on the shirt I may have to tie it up so it's not too long for the outfit.
This trick is great if you want to get more wardrobe options from a few wardrobe basics. Also, this is a smart way to go from work to play - layer a crisp white shirt over your favourite party dress for office, and once you hit the club in the evening, just lose the shirt. Sneakers with outfit
To dress down an outfit, wear a pair of canvas sneakers (has to look simple and in a color that work well with the outfit, when in doubt wear white)
If a dress code has you confused, this should be your strategy. It's finally acceptable to be out and about in comfortable footwear, so make the most of this (hopefully not) short-lived trend and pair all your outfits with sneakers.