Now that Tinker Taylor has snogged a Spy and they’re hot and heavy (makes you think about your relationship status, doesn’t it?), there’s little to do but wait and watch our timelines get flooded with pictures of this genepool-dream of a couple. Tom “Why-Couldn’t-You-Be-My-Bae” Hiddleston and TayTay are definitely a thing, what with their dedicated hashtag--#Hiddleswift—and Swift meeting his mum, and we couldn’t be happier for them. But that’s not the point. The point is this—what we’re eager to k now is how her Style (uh huh, we made that reference) will change… or rather, evolve. Taqy-tay It’s no news that Taylor Swift is an ever-metamorphosing butterfly. In the eight years we’ve known her, she’s gone from guitar-strumming country gal to pop icon of the generation. Like a Hindu deity, her avatars are multitude and hard to keep up with. While some argue her choice of wardrobe has to do with her beau du jour, we think her arm candy is merely an accessory to her ever-changing self-expression (haters gonna hate). If you, like us, are keeping up with Taylor Swift, you (like us) will notice how her sense of identity is only getting stronger with time. Exhibit A— Timeline In keeping with the tradition of speculation that is the Interweb’s privilege, we decided to call on our resident psychic. No, we’re not signing up at Ladbrokes and predicting the lifespan of Hiddleswift. We are curious to know what the future has in store for Taylor’s wardrobe. Taqy-tay1 We asked our resident psychic, Madame Sartoria, to predict where TSwift was headed. After hours and hours of peering into her crystal ball, this is what she said—
“I see grey clouds and rainbows, sunshine and rain. There are shades of black and shades of white. A damsel in golden hair and red lips, I see amidst clouds of pink and clouds of beige.”
Cryptic? Yeah, we thought so too. So we asked the Madame to pick out a few outfits Taylor would wear. Here’s the shortlist—

A-line Skirt

Oasis Floral A-line Skirt
Because they never go out of style.

Pinafore Dress

Oasis Pinafore dress
Because she's got that good girl faith.

Jacquard midi dress

Oasis Midi Dress
Because cherry lips, crystal skies, she can show you incredible things.

Blue skinny jeans

Warehouse skinny jeans
Because she can't stop, won't stop moving.

Black leggings

Warehouse black leggings
Because Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. All we can do now is wait and stalk to see where Taylor goes next with her style. Meanwhile, let’s shop! Illustrations by Aditi Sharma

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