I’m fashion impaired. Tutu for me is a Bishop from South Africa and not something that people wear. If you ask me what kind of tank tops I like, I would tell you I only like the ones with the biggest canons on them. All of these are facts that my editor is aware of, yet  she asked me to do a fashion article because she caught me listening to Baba Sehgal’s songs in office. So here is my take on what stars wore to the Emmy’s this year.

Ross Mathews

Rick Ross I had to start with Ross Mathews. Not because I’m a big fan, but because I think Mr. Mathews here went shopping to Chandini Chowk . Why else do you think he turned up to the Emmy’s wearing a blazer that looks like an envelope for an Indian wedding invitation?

Amy Landecker

Amy Landecker How do you avoid being caught by your boyfriend’s parents when you sneak into their house at two in the night? Simple. You do what Amy Landecker did. Wear a dress that looks like a curtain and use it as camouflage when you hear those dreaded footsteps.

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts If Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh a.k.a MSG had a son who didn’t really share his flashy sense of fashion, he would look a lot like Reggie Watts. The suit is great but Mr Watts’s mere resemblance to MSG made me want to put him here.

Carly Chaikin

Carly Chaikin The Emmy's are all about the grandeur that comes with being in the show business. Some would say, it almost feels like magic. Well, Carly Chaikin sure does believe in the magic of the Emmy's. Or she is just a very big fan of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra You can't really blame Piggy Chops ( no intention to hurt religious sentiments) for being happy these days. Beverly Hills is almost home to her and we Indians just can't stop bragging about it. This is perhaps the only reason I can find for her turning up to the Emmy's like the dancing girl emoji. Images via Instagram; Cover Image via logoboom / Shutterstock.com