Since android is easily the most widely used cell phone operating system, the makers are constantly adding new features to make it as efficient as possible. These android features are highly customizable to suit the needs of every kind of user. You can explore and tailor these settings to enhance your mobile usage to the fullest. However, many of the best android features are so minute that they can go unnoticed.  Here’s a shout-out to all such fascinating aspects of your android smartphone you should start using right away.

Controlling data usage

data usage
You know you’ll be witnessing a massacre in your next bill if you go overboard with your internet data usage. Constantly tracking your usage will help you stay aware, but setting-up your phone to control it is what will help you.

Go to your settings and hit on ‘data usage’. Here you can set your bill cycle date and mobile data limit, so that your phone will automatically switch off data once you reach there (unless you manually disable it). It also lets you choose a warning limit, so that you can control and limit your usage. Since you’ve also set the bill cycle date, it will automatically refresh your data every new month. It records all your data consumption from previous months too.

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Hotspot to the rescue

Did you just lose Wi-Fi or the dongle connection during a crucial transaction? Ordinarily this would be a time to panic but not when you have your android with you. As long as the internet connection on your phone stays put, you can hotspot it your laptop. Go to the ‘tethering and portable hotspot’ settings, switch it on and connect your laptop to it. Problem solved!

Optimizing your battery

battery saver
Most android smartphones come with a ‘battery-saver mode’ that proves to be super useful when your battery begins to drop further than 30 per cent. Additionally, there are a bunch of other things you can do with an android that could help save battery. For instance, minor adjustments like turning off ambient display, reducing brightness levels, turning off hardware radios etc. Here are a few hacks to extend your battery life.

Get your phone to read out things to you

text to speech
Does reading through long emails and articles get to your eyes, then this hidden feature in your android will help you out. You can find it in the ‘accessibility’ section in settings. Turn on the ‘text-to-speech output’, download your preferred language and ask Google to read to you while you’re busy doing something else. Now this is what you call multitasking.

Look for relevant information by tapping the home button

now on tap
Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation on WhatsApp and had to use Google to fact check something? It’s quite annoying when you have to jump between apps to Google things. But with Android Marshmallow’s Now on Tap feature you can hold the home button when you’re in the middle of a chat and it will offer you related information and links based on its understanding of your texts. For instance, if you’re talking about current movies, it will give you a list of movie names, cinemas and booking links too. Cool eh!

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